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Effective Chiropractic Care for Shoulder and Back Pain Treatment in Marietta, GA

The strains placed on your body from day to day can lead to chronic aches and pains that can be difficult to treat. Bridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is your leading provider of back and shoulder pain treatment in Marietta, GA. We use a range of effective techniques to help you overcome even the most stubborn pain, such as those caused by a sports injury or chronic condition. We also specialize in knee and neck pain treatment for a whole body approach to health and wellness.

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Your Chiropractor for Back Pain Can Help You Overcome a Number of Conditions

At Bridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, our goal is to provide lasting relief from your condition. Headaches are one of the most common ailments that patients come to us for, and with our chiropractic care for back pain, we work hard to eliminate the source of the episodes by adopting a whole body approach. If you have suffered an accident such as a sports or auto injury, or suffered a personal injury in the work place, then our treatments can help you begin the path to rehabilitation and recovery.

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If you are suffering pain in your body, then chiropractic care is an effective way to enjoy relief. Bridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation offers treatment for a range of pain conditions. To learn more about our services, or for an appointment, call today at (770) 518-8786.

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A herniated disc can cause pain in a couple of different ways. The material that pokes outward from the tear in the disc's outer casing can put pressure on nerve tissue while also causing inflammation. Nerve damage to the disc casing can also cause intense pain.

We often see patients who are experiencing both low back pain and pain, tingling or loss of sensation in a leg/foot. These are signs of sciatica, in which the roots of the sciatic nerve become pinched.

If your work conditions or office setup require you to bend, twist, or stoop constantly, you may be giving yourself a case of chronic back strain. Athletes may also be prone to repetitive motion strain.

Bulging discs tend to lose height with age, which puts the facet joints of the spine under strain. Spinal osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis (loss of free space in the spinal canal) and spondylolisthesis (vertebral shifting) may also cause back pain.

Poor posture is a factor in many of the back pain cases our chiropractor sees. Poor muscular support and abnormal musculoskeletal alignment can leave you in constant discomfort.

Surgery is generally a last resort for dealing with back pain. You'll be glad to know that we can resolve the majority of back pain problems through conservative means alone.

We will Dr. Cantwell evaluate your symptoms while examining your spinal alignment and posture. After pinpointing the source of your pain, chiropractic adjustments can correct vertebral position, improve your alignment, and relieve pressure from nerves and muscles. Myofascial therapies (including massage) and exercises can promote faster healing and better posture, while acupuncture stimulates the body's own pain-relief responses.

Here at Bridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we not only relieve neck pain, but we also help you understand that pain. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about neck pain at our clinic:

Whiplash causes neck pain by creating sharp, violent hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck. This produces torn muscles, herniated cervical discs, and subluxation of the facet joints that connect the cervical vertebrae.

Abnormal posture and cervical spinal alignment problems can create unequal weight distribution on muscles, producing chronic strain. Degenerative conditions in the vertebral discs and other spinal structures can impinge nearby nerve roots to cause pain and other symptoms.

Discs tend to bulge with advancing age because they lose water content. As they flatten out, the space between vertebrae decreases. This stresses and inflames the facet joints, causing joint pain and making the neck prone to osteoarthritis. Bulging discs may also herniate, pinching and irritating nerve tissue.

"Text neck" is a modern-day form of neck pain that occurs when the head is constantly drooping forward, straining the muscles and burdening the cervical spine. It tends to affect people who make heavy use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Many people with severe neck pain fret over the possibility of having to undergo neck surgery. However, most cases of neck pain can be resolved or managed through conservative methods, including chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments can bring the cervical vertebrae and facet joints back into their proper position and alignment. This can relieve muscle strain, joint stress and nerve compression while also restoring your neck mobility.

We can advise you on exercises and lifestyle adjustments to help you steer clear of "text neck" and postural problems. Periodic spinal screenings can help you keep your neck alignment in good shape.

The two principal causes of shoulder pain are an acute injury to the shoulder or a chronic pain condition involving the nerves, muscles, cartilage, and other structures within the joint. Examples include dislocation of the shoulder, rotator cuff injury, bursitis, frozen shoulder, and arthritis.

The rotator cuff is a set of four muscles attached by tendons to the bones of the arm. These muscles allow the shoulder to move in all directions. Damage or strain can cause pain and stiffness in these structures.

Bursitis in an inflammation of small cushioning sacs in the rotator cuff known as the bursae. If the bursae become inflamed, they may press against muscles and tendons, restricting their motion.

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that may occur after your shoulder has been in a sling or otherwise held still for long periods of time.

Frequent repetitive motion may can tiny tears in tissue fibers at a rate faster than the body can repair the damage. This creates a constant state of inflammation.

Swinging a racket or club, constantly reaching upward in your job or hobby, or holding the shoulder in stressful positions for extended periods can all create repetitive strain injuries.

You can experience shoulder pain even when your shoulder is fine. For instance, a pinched nerve in the spine can sometimes send pain signals to the shoulder.

A chiropractic adjustment to the shoulder can correct the position of a dislocated joint or ease the pain of an arthritic shoulder.

We offer combinations of massage therapy, corrective exercises, heat/cold applications, and other soft tissue therapies.

One critical piece of taking care of your knees is making sure that the tibiofemoral (knee) joint is in proper alignment. If the evaluation reveals any muscle tightness or weakness, then corrective exercises will be prescribed to address those needs. A third, and a commonly overlooked piece in taking care of knees is assessing YOUR individual biomechanics with functional movements such as walking, standing, squatting which could also be a cause of undue stress on the knee joint if these activities are performed efficiently based on YOUR body type.